Are Gemini Man Jealous In Love (Top 4 Signs To Find Out)

Your Gemini man has a multiple personality.

When it comes to romance, he is truly a flirt who is full of charm and can captivate your heart within a few minutes. So, if you are in a relationship with a Gemini, then accept to live with insecure feelings because sometimes he can’t help flirting with other women.

However, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t get threatened when seeing other men approach you romantically.

Are Gemini man jealous?

Compared to guys of other zodiac signs, the Gemini male is definitely not the jealous type. As an independent person, he rarely shows any signal of jealousy or possessiveness – maybe it’s because he totally trusts you and doesn’t want to give you a hard time.

But, things will change if he truly loves for you

4 Obvious Signs Gemini Man is Jealous


This charismatic man gets jealous in a unique way.

A part of him becomes possessive making him urge to constantly keep a check on you. Always embraced by your love and admiration, he will upset if knowing that you spend more time for someone else but him.

When you tell him that you hang out with friends, he may act cool as if he doesn’t care; nonetheless, he feels restless inside and is unable to stop himself from asking who your companion is and where you’re going to go.

So, when your Gemini man behaves jealous?

Look for these possible signs:

#1: He will check on you more than frequent

Let me remind you that checking someone is not his normal nature. Therefore, if your Gemini man who tends to respect your freedom and privacy suddenly gives you suspicious questions, he is jealous of something.

#2: He will be in a sour mood

The Gemini male is very lively, energetic, and full of wit most of the time. However, recently you find that he often snaps or mumbles grudgingly, it is surely an act when he is jealous.

#3: He will put limitations on your circle of friends

How does he usually behave when getting envious?

Another sign is that he puts limitations on you. This man values his social life a lot, and he also respects yours. The thing is: if the Gemini feels jealous, he will request you not to be friends or meet up with someone that could steal you away from him.

#4: He will also put limitations on himself

His jealousy as well as the fear of losing you will change your Gemini man.

Rather than going out with friends or spending much time on parties, he will focus more on you and voluntarily change his bad habits to strengthen the relationship.

How to Handle His Jealousy?

Many often wonder what to do when a Gemini man acts jealous because he is normally not that type.

How can you assure him of your faithfulness to him?

As you all know, this guy rarely displays his jealousy due to his conservative attitude about socializing. In fact, he is a freedom lover who usually encourages you to have your own social life instead of giving him all of your attention.

He will never let himself experience any dull moment; that’s why you find him take part in many activities. Wonder if you are the type of woman he likes most? As he is not a clingy partner, he is likely to look for a lover who is as independent as he is and capable of building her own world without any support.

Nevertheless, he starts feeling possessive once he becomes insecure under the influence of his dual personality.

What does he want from you?

Once you feel that he is jealous of something, don’t hesitate to give him constant encouraging words and motivation that can boost his trust. Embrace him whenever he tells you that he’s feeling low. Go nowhere when he misses you the most; instead, reach to his side as soon as possible – this is a way to claim your unchanging devotion to him.

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Indeed, Gemini man doesn’t think it’s a big deal when you hang out with your male buddies because he also spends time with his female friends. Nevertheless, there are times his moods change, and this might make him feel unconfident and jealous.


Deal with your jealous Gemini with tact and grace!

By understanding his personality, you can understand where his insecurity comes from and then shower him with your empathy. Sincerely affirm that he’s the most important person in your life, apart from other commitments.

Wish you the best with Gemini man!


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