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Preparing for Peace

The website of the Westmorland General Meeting 'Preparing for Peace' initiative    


The Preparing for Peace project has produced three publications. Unfortunately we no longer have any stock of any of the three. However the content of all of them is freely availble fom this website

- The PfP book 'Preparing for Peace: by asking the experts to analyse war' is now published.  Please click here for details.
This  book based on our lecture series has been presented to national and international politicians and diplomats; it has been presented to the Secretary General of The UN for study and comment throughout the UN system of specialised agencies. 
We hope the text will become a tool for engagement, discussion, analysis and change.

- A study guide for young people 'The Anatomy of War' is also now available.  Please click here for details.

- The audio CD of Brian Walker's lecture "A Quaker's View of 21st Century War". This also availabe as text

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