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The website of the Westmorland General Meeting 'Preparing for Peace' initiative



Please note that we are no longer able to provide speakers. All the material on the website; the papers and the educational material is available for your free use. If you are using the material please let us know as like to know about it as we like to follow its progress. We have edited most of the material to make it easy to copy and reproduce. Please see copyright statement

Please contact the Preparing for Peace Committee for requests for commercial use, or any other matters. PfP Committee Postal address is: Preparing for Peace, c/o Paul Milling - Treasurer, Windy How, Colthouse, Ambleside LA22 0JU Great Britain

Although the project is officially closed we occasionally consider receiving and publishing papers that are within the spirit of the project and will be a useful addition for inclusion on the website. Please contact us if you wish to submit a paper.

If there are any papers on this website that we have not yet converted to the easily distributed and copied pdf format please contact the webmaster Also if you locate any 'lost links' or other website problems please contact the webmaster

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